What We Do

WHAT we do at the Edge Retail Academy is important. But HOW we do it is what makes us the most unique and effective consulting and training service in the industry.

The Edge Retail Academy is in business to help your business run more efficiently. We analyze your business, provide sales training, and create customized growth strategies based upon individual needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; our layers of professional services are specifically tailored to fit the needs of our clients.

Business Academy

Our Business Academy Program links you one-on-one with our industry experts, who will pinpoint what it takes to make your business more successful and then guide you every step of the way. Find out more.

Edge Pulse

Edge Pulse puts the management of your store, in the palm of your hand, with real-time sales, gross profit, sales associate performance and top vendor & category details.  It identifies the effects of discounting and average sale for the store & individual associates.  Edge Pulse shows fast-selling vendors and design numbers from over 3000 vendors.  You will learn important performance & market trending information, based on close to 1000 retailers Nationwide as well as receive a daily email showing your store’s performance.

Vendor Services

For over 10 years and almost one billion dollars in jewelry sales, The Edge Retail Academy has been helping retailers improve and grow their businesses. Designers and manufacturers play an integral part in that success! The synergy between the two could not be more important during this challenging retail environment and why we are proud to introduce our new program designed exclusively for vendors in the jewelry industry!

Participation includes your choice of the following services:

Our Macro Reports are a series of five report modules specifically designed to provide you, the vendor, with a powerful, macro view of your inventory’s performance across the entire jewelry market.

  • Vendor Results – Take the guess work out of product placement and approach new clients with confidence backed by data. Identify your top selling styles – ranked by turn, units sold, average sale and more.
  • Vendor Period Comparison – Measure your overall performance with the same period last month, last year or any previous.
  • Vendor Performance by Retailer – Subject to agreement from your retail clients, we can provide data you have only dreamt about! Review monthly inventories, sales trends, and identify “zero on hand” fast sellers for replenishment recommendations.

Click here to download our Vendor Services Program

Sherry Smith



“The Edge Retail Academy has helped us better our business in so many ways! It has taken our buying from “going with our intuition” to making informed decisions about fast sellers. We stock balance aggressively and consider an exit strategy on every piece we put in the stores. I have really enjoyed working on an aspect of the business, and then being able to SEE the difference we’ve made by looking at the numbers.

There is always something to learn, or to improve. Our bottom line is healthier, our inventory is fresher and our daily activities are much better utilized than before we worked with Edge Retail Academy. It was and continues to be, the right choice for Roper’s Jewelers.”

Peggy Seitzinger
General Manager