Phyllis Casey

Phyllis Casey
Financial Analyst

Phyllis brings over 25 years of experience in credit risk management, client relations, business development and global commodity trading.

Graduating from Providence College with a major in mathematics and economics, Phyllis started her career at Fleet National Bank’s Precious Metals Group in Providence, RI with a large presence of jewelry manufacturers. As a Senior Metals Trader, she developed hedging and financing strategies for commercial users of precious and base metals servicing jewelry, electronic, silverware and chemical industries.

After completing Commercial Credit Training, Phyllis became a Business Development Officer, calling on owners and managers of both private and public companies.  She went on to serve as a Commercial Relationship Manager at Sovereign Precious Metals, managing credit, precious metals consignment and hedging facilities for large corporate, middle market, small business and retail companies.   Recently, she served as Vice President in commercial credit for First Citizens Bank in South Carolina, analyzing financial statements and structuring credit facilities for the Bank’s commercial clients.

With both a commodity trading and commercial credit background, Phyllis offers a unique perspective while mentoring Edge Retail Academy’s clients.