Mark Kippenberger, CPA

Mark Kippenberger, CPA 
Financial Analyst & Succession Planning

Mark regularly works with client governance teams, including input around strategy, operations and financial management. A critical component in taking client teams forward is the analysis and interpretation of management and economic data to ‘frame up’ strategic issues requiring definition and implementation. Implementation of new strategy within a resourse constrained environment can be challenging. Managers need perspective, support & accountibility in their endevour to implement

After joining the Auckland Business Advisory team of KPMG as a Partner, Mark moved rapidly into a leadership role across NZ as National Managing Partner in which he developed the advisory side of KPMG service offering over three years. In his Partnership role with Christchurch KPMG firm Hadlee Kippenberger & Partners, he was involved in both the strategic and day to day management of HKP accounting practice employing 40 people.

While working as a financial consultant between his Christchurch & Auckland Partner roles at KPMG, Mark’s day to day work involved a close advisory relationship with 12 – 15 clients.
These clients required more intensive service, including business analysis & planning, performance management and establishing effective governance with effective interface across all operational business units. Mark’s focus over recent years has been towards timely, accurate virtual management information with which to run a business, preferring this to annual financial statement work.

The approach used towards managing inter – generational family succession begins with assessment of ‘next gen’ management skills & ensuring an effective transition for both generations is in place. While the younger generation family member works through a robust process into management control, the founder equally is transitioning to a strategic role that continues to shape & influence the business growth into the future.
It is only once daily operational management has effectively been transitioned that the ownership transition can begin.