Lindsey Steill

Lindsey Steill
Financial Analyst

Lindsey Steill has worked in the jewelry industry since she was 15-years old. Raised in Carmel, Indiana, she began her career as a Sales Associate for a family friend who owned a nearby jewelry store – Moyer Fine Jewelers – the same store that after earning a B.S. in Accounting, she would return and play a major role in its future.
A graduate of Purdue University, Lindsey accepted a position as a Financial Auditor with one of the big four accounting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she honed her professional skills reviewing financial statements for a number of corporations, big and small, public and private. A few years later, the opportunity to return to Moyer presented itself and Lindsey became the company’s Chief Financial Officer stating that, “If you are going to be an Accountant, it makes sense to account for something beautiful!”
During her 12-year tenure at Moyer, the company increased overall sales nearly three-fold – more than $9 million – and is now positioned for continued success as one of the top volume jewelry stores in the country.
But Lindsey brings much more than a profound understanding of financial operations to a company’s portfolio. With strengths as diverse as the jewelry industry itself, she is fluent not only in cash flow management, budget preparation and financial analysis, but is also well versed in Marketing and Internet sales and has negotiated health and hazard insurance as well as 401k plans.
A strategic thinker, immaculately detailed and highly organized professional, Lindsey Steill is unsurpassed in her ability to help companies not only assess their long-term goals but also to construct a path that ensures their success along the way.

Lindsey Steill