Gordon McLister

Gordon McLister
Co-founder and Director/Systems Development Manager

With 30 years of system development experience in a wide range of industries, Gordon is highly proficient in the development of computer systems.

Full-time employment started for Gordon in 1970 as a trainee accountant and then he worked on a range of accounting packages. His first jewelry system was produced in 1983 in New Zealand, and then later in Australia, where he wrote the DOS version of ARMS for Jewellers Computer Systems.

In January 2001, Gordon co-founded a business in Las Vegas with ARMS co-founder Don Greig. Focus Management was based on Gordon’s idea of a management reporting system that “bolted on” to existing jewelry packages. This reporting concept has been attached to 30+ computer packages in four countries and in several hundred sites.

In 2003, Gordon contacted David Brown, the Managing Director of Retail Edge Consultants, to share his next idea of combining all of the stores data into one SuperStore for the purpose of providing aggregated “Key Performance” reporting and fast sellers (Results) to help retailers make more informed buying decisions. Brown was impressed and the pair soon joined forces to provide business mentoring and key performance indictors under Retail Edge Consultants.

At the time, there was a growing demand for a new software package for jewelers to replace the aged DOS and early Windows systems. After months of research and looking at numerous existing POS systems, Retail Edge obtained the Australasian license to develop and sell a US POS system called “The Edge” by Abbott & Shapiro. Full of features, The Edge had quickly become the top selling jewelry package in the USA and the system achieved similar success when it was introduced to the local Australasian jewelers. Gordon is now part of an expert programming team who constantly enhance the system to deliver powerful tools and reports for thousands of jewelry stores.