Ben Stahl, G.G.

Ben Stahl, MBA, G.G.

Business Advisor

A 19-year retail jewelry veteran, Ben comes to The Edge Retail Academy from a Mid- Atlantic luxury jeweler where he doubled the volume of a free-standing 5,000 sq. ft. destination store. Over 10 years, he managed the store’s move from a traditionalist jeweler with pens, porcelain and flatware to strictly top-tier designers and Swiss timepieces. Prior to that, Ben rose up through the ranks at an independent jeweler in the Midwest from 1998 to 2007. Starting as a part-time sales associate and leaving as a general manager.

Ben is particularly strong in training and organizational development, as well as retail operations management. His reputation among vendors is that of a perceptive buyer and merchandiser; adept at all aspects from new account acquisition to visual merchandising. Ben was elemental in the conversion of both jewelers from pen and paper to computerized sales and customer service modules. Ben embraces the inevitability of change and encourages others to harness the power of iteration and renewal be it with products, personnel or technology.

With 23 years of retail experience, in both corporate and independent environments, Ben’s breadth of knowledge and skill are proven to move the dial for businesses wanting to “crush it”. Ben holds Certified Professional credentials from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), is a Graduate Gemologist from GIA, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. He also obtained his MBA in Revolutionary Leadership and Renaissance Management at The College of William and Mary.

Ben enjoys working with Edge Retail Academy clients and spending the time to learn more about their business as well as their goals, motivations, competition, and market.

Ben Stahl