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Edge Pulse Brings You Important New Insights

Inventory should be in the forefront of your thoughts. One of the keys to growing your store’s sales and profitability is having a healthy inventory of current, fast-turning products.

But how do you get there? It starts with having a clear view of your inventory.

Edge Pulse is the only provider to bring your inventory to life with full color graphs and reporting.

Plus, our latest release of Edge Pulse now includes new Inventory Reports that make it easier than ever to identify aging inventory and take action before it becomes a problem. 

Inventory Trends

With the NEW Inventory Feature in Edge Pulse, you can watch the movement of your inventory over the last 12 months. Watching your inventory age is powerful motivation to implement strategies to improve your overall inventory levels in 2018!

Inventory Aging by Category

You can also view the age of products by category. Is your aged merchandise in diamonds or watches? We can tell you.

Edge Pulse is your dashboard to key business stats — now with brand new inventory features.

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