QuickBooks Integration

Introducing Our QuickBooks Integration Service

What do you get when you combine The Edge with QuickBooks?

An unbeatable business management system!

We know what you want – and need – from your business software, so we created a QuickBooks integration system for The Edge. This system lets you easily integrate and reconcile your data between The Edge and QuickBooks, saving you an incredible amount of time and money.

SteillBut we realize that even the best software isn’t a good investment unless you know how to use it. So we developed a QuickBooks Integration Service to help you learn all the features of this new system. Through our service, we will help you set up both programs through remote access. We’ll educate you on how to handle accounting procedures for daily business transactions, including: return to vendor, scrapped goods, missing inventory, refunds due, and sales tax payable. You will be trained on how to reconcile sales, profit, inventory, accounts receivables, money tendered between The Edge and QuickBooks to ensure accuracy, and much more!

Edge Retail Academy Mentor Lindsey Steill is spearheading the training for this service. Lindsey, a 2014 Certified QuickBooks Administrator, holds an accounting degree from Purdue University and has 12 years experience as the CFO of a multi-million-dollar-guild jewelry store. During integration service training, she will:

  • Create a chart of accounts in QuickBooks to mirror The Edge integration set-up.
  • Map the accounts from The Edge to QuickBooks.
  • Train you for two weeks or 10 sessions on balancing from The Edge to your financial statements in QuickBooks.
  • Save reports in The Edge for quick reference.
  • Establish a procedure document for balancing your Edge accounts with financial statements in QuickBooks.
  • Provide assistance with income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements, including reviewing financial benchmarks with industry standards.

Interested? Contact Lindsey today to reserve your personalized training sessions:

Phone: 317-557-4348
Email: Lindsey@EdgeRetailAcademy.com

I have been trying to make sense of QB and The Edge Integration for years. I gave up and just let it go. When I learned that The Edge Retail Academy had hired Lindsey Steill who is very well trained in both Quick Books and The Edge and has an accounting background and has worked in Retail Jewelry as well, I decided to give it my all and learn this puppy once and for all. Lindsey is patient and smart. She makes sense of the day to day tasks and breaks them down to a simple routine, and if done right should only take about 15 minutes of my day. I was looking to find one number. I had that “Deer in the Headlights” look when I was asked the value of my store. When I realized I never would be able to give an honest answer until I got this under control I knew I had to do something.

What I love about Lindsey is that she will not stop teaching until I get it. She is a valuable addition to the Edge Retail Academy team and has been amazing for me!”

Cindi Haddad-Drew
Cindi’s Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, Foxborough, MA