Retail Seminars

The Fast Track to Results

Information, no matter how good it is, is only valuable when it is understood and can be utilized as part of a proven retail management strategy. The Edge Retail Academy provides the most timely, useful industry information available. But we don’t leave you holding that data, wondering what to do with it. Our seminars and workshops help analyze the importance of current trends, and then provide you with incredibly powerful and up-to-date management ideas and strategies that put your new knowledge to work.

You will hear from other retailers who have already overcome the challenges that you face and you will leave with a workable, personalized Plan of Action that will fast track your results. Guaranteed.

2018 Trade Show Retail Seminars


“I began my career in the jewelry industry in 1976, and joined forces with the Edge Retail Academy about five years ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. They know what’s going on in the retail world of jewelry. Their ability to interpret store data and apply that raw data to specific decisions affecting your store makes them a winning team.”

David Oberlink
Goulding’s Jewelers, Alton, Illinois