RJO Presentations

Profit Does Not Mean Cash Flow

Phyllis Casey, Financial Analyst, Edge Retail Academy
Saturday, July 23 at 10:30am

  • Margins and effect on net profitability – go over industry averages
  • Cash Flow Analysis – sources and uses of cash
  • Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Working Capital Requirements: Excess vs. Shortfall

Summary on above bullet points, from RJO:
Join financial analyst Phyllis Casey from Edge Retail Academy for an in-depth look at some of the keys to financial success. She will talk about how the industry averages for margins, the effect on net profitability, and how you can use those numbers to improve the management of your store’s finances. Other key topics include the cash conversion cycle, cash flow analysis sources, uses of cash and working capital requirements – excess vs. shortfall. Your store can’t afford to miss this seminar!

Phyllis Casey, 
Financial Analyst


Phyllis brings over 25 years of experience in credit risk management, client relations, business development and global commodity trading.

Graduating from Providence College with a major in mathematics and economics, Phyllis started her career at Fleet National Bank’s Precious Metals Group in Providence, RI with a large presence of jewelry manufacturers. As a Senior Metals Trader, she developed hedging and financing strategies for commercial users of precious and base metals servicing jewelry, electronic, silverware and chemical industries.

After completing Commercial Credit Training, Phyllis became a Business Development Officer, calling on owners and managers of both private and public companies. She went on to serve as a Commercial Relationship Manager at Sovereign Precious Metals, managing credit, precious metals consignment and hedging facilities for large corporate, middle market, small business and retail companies.   Recently, she served as Vice President in commercial credit for First Citizens Bank in South Carolina, analyzing financial statements and structuring credit facilities for the Bank’s commercial clients.

With both a commodity trading and commercial credit background, Phyllis offers a unique perspective while mentoring Edge Retail Academy’s clients.


Selling to the Internet Shopper

Sherry Smith, Business Mentor, Edge Retail Academy
Saturday, July 23 at 11:30am

Do you dread having a customer pull out internet site printouts, comparing your diamonds and pricing to internet diamond companies? This presentation offers an in-depth look at what internet sites offer, and how as retailers, we can effectively sell and satisfy the client. We will share techniques and information that will give you the confidence and passion to overcome objections, protect your margins and increase your sales.

Sherry Smith, Business Mentor


Sherry has 20 years of experience as principal partner in two retail jewelry stores. Her leadership qualities encompass the myriad disciplines of operating an independent retail business in a growing economy and also in the more challenging economic environment of recent years.

Sherry is particularly adept at merchandising and inventory management. Sherry’s marriage of great intuition and strong analytical skills, coupled with a pragmatic approach to merchandising aesthetics, ensures a superb understanding of product story‐telling and inventory performance. She is a strong sales driver with a demonstrated track‐record of team‐building, coaching, training and personnel development. Sherry is a motivated, personable business professional excellent at juggling multiple tasks, flexible and versatile, while working under pressure.