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Tracking Sales Per Hour

This week we’re spotlighting Sales per Hour…do you know what your store and/or associate’s sales per hour is?  Edge Pulse has it all, at the touch of a button!Edge Pulse roi-associate-sales-per-hour

From the Dashboard you can view your store’s Sales per Hour by day, month and 28 days using the Sales KPI’s.  You can see a low (red) and high (green) figure here…just watch that needle move as the day’s business is recorded.

Want more?

From the Coaching tab – Sales Associate: you can view each associate’s individual Sales per 8 Hours using Return on Payroll.  Most of us don’t even know this number exists but with Edge Pulse you can easily budget your Return on Payroll for each associate and as their numbers increase you can see theirSales per 8 Hours change.  Are they performing to the level you were hoping for at the salary and commission level they’re getting paid?sales-per-hour

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