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Tips for Updating the Look of Your Displays

Your displays communicate a subliminal message to your clients. If you are still using white leatherette, which came out in the 80’s, your store will look dated. Instead your store can have a vibrant, updated look and feel by simply changing out your displays. Even your jewelry will look different!

Here are some tips on how to accomplish a fresh, new look:

  • Don’t be afraid of color
    • You want to enhance your jewelry not distract so stick to a neutral palette
    • Use two or three coordinating colors, with the baseboard being the lightest color
    • Save the platforms or risers for adding a bright color to the cases
    • The elements (that the jewelry is on) should be a darker shade of your neutral palette
    • You can use color to designate specific areas of your store (like your Bridal Department) as long as they are all in the same general palette
  • Shimmer and Sheen
    • One way to light up your cases is with Shimmer fabrics such as Linea
    • I like to use them for platforms and risers which I find does not overwhelm the jewelry
    • Shimmer fabrics are “tender” which means they can dent and scratch easily so I don’t recommend them for elements (such as ring fingers etc.). For elements Charisma or Novasuede are much more durable.
  • Variety in Elements
    • Using one type of element (such as one type of ring finger) may be expedient, but I find it monotonous. I like using several types that enhance or highlight the individual piece of jewelry.
    • Example: for rings I like a “ledge” type to show side diamonds and detail, a “clip” for that floating look, a “column w. slot” for top heavy rings with no side detailing, a “3-slot” or “5-slot” tray for petite styles, and finally a large “hero” element for the wow piece(s) in each case.
    • I use this approach for all the elements, but staff do need to be trained on setting up and maintaining the cases.
  • Unusual Props
    • Again, you don’t want to take away from the jewelry, but adding some interesting touches to cases can add a lot of interest
    • Home Depot, Michael’s, Antique Stores and Swap Meets are all great places for finds
    • Touches such as glass chocolates in a brown diamond case, slate or agate slabs as accents or risers, fabric rose petals for Valentines are just a few ideas
  • Guide the Eye
    • When you are setting up your cases make sure that there is a flow to the displays, from the back towards the front
    • I find displays with curves rather than linear edges work best to move the eye throughout the case from one area to the next
    • Have groupings of 3 and 5, taller elements in the back and shorter in the front
    • The eye needs to “rest” so make sure you have negative space, crowded cases overwhelm the client and devalue the jewelry

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