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The Power of Clienteling

by Darci Aselage

Do you make it easier for your customers to buy from you? In building sales, one very effective way is the power in Clienteling. It is purely an extension of continuing your rapport with your customer. Let’s face it; we ARE in the relationship business!

There are three things to consider when executing Clienteling:

  • Service
    • If it’s just about a sale, it’s just about YOU. It must be about doing something for the customer.
  • Convenience
    • Make it easier and more convenient for customers to do business with you.
  • Staying Top of Mind
    • Maintain a gentle presence just in case they need you. If you aren’t paying attention to your customers, someone in the luxury market could be.

Understanding and meeting your customers’ needs is only part of the successful sales dynamic; it’s just as essential to monitor the relationship with frequent contact to make sure your clients are still happy with the product or service AND to address new needs that arise. To get the best results in doing this, your staff will need to have better systems and excellent time management.

In recognizing the customer to target, listed below are the four key customer groups:

  • Female self-purchasers

We’ve learned in the last decade that women can and will buy jewelry for themselves.  When they do however, they generally buy fashion (and also spend less than HE would spend).  Although there are exceptions, women generally don’t buy “significant.”  They want significant items, like diamonds, gifted. When you contact them, it must be about fashion.  Baby-boomer women still read the newspaper; younger women don’t. You also need to consider following up with their Wish Lists because she is counting on YOU to be her advocate to tell HIM what she really wants.

  • Male special occasion buyers

These are your special occasion buyers. They don’t want to be shoppers because they are timid about our product and they don’t want to get it wrong. This is why you need to deliver solutions and not just suggestions (Wish lists). They will buy fashion if we let them but they really seek something more special if we lead them.  They are the primary purchasers of your diamond jewelry. When you contact them, it shouldn’t be about the jewelry; it should be about what the jewelry will DO for them….  For example, you can’t just sell a beautiful diamond necklace…. You have to sell him on being the hero as a result of the diamond necklace he presents to her. Then with his success and your assistance, he will want to buy from you more often!

  • Bridal

This is, of course, your engagement ring shopper. It could be him or her or as couple. We know this is the most difficult sale to earn because rarely are they closed on the first visit. This is why your follow up and follow through is imperative. They need to know they can count on you. The product extends beyond just the engagement ring to include wedding bands, wedding day gifts and wedding attendant gifts. Also, it’s not always about chasing the sale, its earning the service. When you contact them, it must include selection to appeal to her.  She needs to feel like she’s going to see as many styles as possible.  With him, value is important (value is different than price).  They are not just buying an engagement ring; they are buying the features and benefits you provide.

  • The Repair Customer

We know our repair customers are our bread and butter. Most repair customers are women. In most cases they are undersold because we tend to their service and don’t show them any jewelry. Or we ask them if they want to see anything and they say no. You need to create the desire to own by showing them something they didn’t expect to see. Take the initiative! Timely service reminders bring traffic in. When you contact them, it must be about trust, reliability, care and concern.

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