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Owning a business gives you a better quality of life … right?

If you read the headline and said, you’ve got to be joking, I work longer, earn less and stress more than other people I know … where’s the quality of life, where’s the balance, where’s the free time and the money to enjoy it? 

I understand that the reality for many of you is that you’re too busy to get away from your store, you don’t have enough capable staff to cover for you even if you could get away, and, there’s not enough money to pay the bills let alone take some relaxing, stress free time away from it all.

It worries me when I see business owners who have ‘reached the end of the road’.  Their dream business has become a recurring struggle.   They want out before the business consumes any more of their hopes and aspirations.  Huge numbers of jewelry businesses are being ‘shut down’ leaving the owners out of pocket and deeply concerned about their retirement.

But let’s not lose site of the fact that this is a wonderful business to be in, and running away, or hoping that things will get better, is not the answer.   ‘Hope is not a strategy’, and unless you implement proven strategies that can help you to break the pattern and the dependency, you will never be able to get quality time for yourself or have a ‘business’ that works for you rather than the other way round.

That’s why I’m asking you to do something positive for your business, and yourself, and attend our 3 day Conference in Shelton, March 8-10.  Yes it will be cold outside and yes there are easier places to get to, but I guarantee you it will be worth it.

In the words of Matt Stuller, “The real value of a Conference is to provide quality thinking time”.  The treadmill many of you are on is not going to slow down and allow you to step of it gracefully, so join us and build a business you are proud of and which makes money for you whether you’re there or not.    

2015 Edge-ERA Shelton Conference Details

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