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Holiday Tips – 8 Weeks To Go

There are less than 8 weeks until Christmas. Are you ready? Follow our weekly blog posts to see how you can better prepare yourself for the holiday season. Here is what you should be doing this week: 
  • SALES – Print lists of all your wish list items and start contacting customers to see if you can create some holiday sales. Clean up the wish lists as you call, so you will know the wishes are still valid, as you will want to use them later. Also create new wish lists as you wait on clients throughout the Holiday Season.
  • STAFF – Set up a login on Edge Pulse (edgepulse.biz) for each of your salespeople so they will have 24/7 access to the Edge Retail Academy webinars. Review the most pertinent ones in your weekly store meetings to help the staff keep their sales skills sharp.
  • INVENTORY – Use the levels report to make sure you have all your best selling items and sufficient stock of the ones you expect to sell multiple times during the Holidays…pay special attention to the items you plan to advertise.

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