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2017 Holiday Tips – Part 1 of 8

  • OBJECTIVES & PLANS – Share your monthly Sales & Profit targets for each month (Oct-Dec).
    • Layout how you’re going to get there with your team!
  • SALES – Print lists of all your wish list items and contact customers to create holiday sales.  Clean up the wish lists as you go removing dated items and/or adding new items.
  • STAFF – Have Daily meetings with your team (10 mins. max.) to discuss today’s daily target; how your trending MTD and one or two actionable items the staff can do that week to help drive revenue.
    Set up a login on Edge Pulse (www.edgepulse.biz) for each salesperson to give them 24/7 access to the Edge Retail Academy webinars.  Review the most pertinent ones in your weekly store meetings to hone their selling skills.
  • INVENTORY – Make sure you are current with ALL of your fast sellers, specifically for your top vendors as you enter 4th quarter.
    • Weekly replenishment a must!
    • Stock balance as much as possible.

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