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2017 Holiday Tips – Part 2 of 8

  • OBJECTIVES & PLANS – Review and refine your objectives and required strategies and activities.
  • SUPPLIES – Make sure you are well stocked with boxes, wrap, ribbons, bows, bags, sales receipts and other supplies you will need through the season. FYI – offer to email receipt to customers allowing you to capture their emails while being environmentally friendly.
  • MARKETING – Your marketing plan should be in place with key dates on your calendar.
    • Create your “Must Do” list for your holiday events.
    • Assign each item to a staff member.
    • Plan your direct mail pieces to arrive at least 7-9 days prior to your event.
      • (FYI – Marketers find the end of the week to be the most effective time for arrival).
    • Schedule your social media posts and email blasts.
      • (Tuesday afternoons have the best open rate for emails), in advance to save you time.
  • INVENTORY – Ensure you have sufficient stock levels of product you are advertising.
    • Replenish fast sellers daily if economical to do so or at least weekly!

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