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Holiday Tips – 7 Weeks To Go

With seven weeks left before Christmas, are you doing everything to make sure you’re prepared. Below is what the experts at The Edge Retail Academy recommend you should be doing this week: 

Make sure you are well stocked with boxes, wrap, ribbons, bows, bags, sales receipts and other supplies you will need through the season. FYI – offer to email receipt to customers allowing you to capture their emails while being environmentally friendly.

MARKETING By now, your marketing should be in place and your calendar populated with key dates & events. Plan your direct mail pieces to arrive at least 7-9 days prior to your event (FYI – Marketers find the end of the week to be the most effective time for arrival). Schedule your social media posts and email blasts, (Tuesday afternoons have the best open rate for emails), in advance to save you time.

EVENTS – Make a list of “must do” items for your holiday events and assign them to your team members. Don’t forget the phone call and text messaging campaigns.

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