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Holiday Tips – 6 Weeks to Go

The holidays are upon us now. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday this week, retailers should be fully prepared for the holiday season at hand. Read our tips for how to be ready this week:

  • MANAGEMENT – Create your schedule through Christmas in advance to assess payroll demands. Increase your staff level to allow for crunch times and to accommodate lunches/breaks. FYI – order lunch on your busiest days for your team as a morale booster.
  • SALES TEAM – Review product knowledge. Make sure your team is well versed on the features and benefits. At your team meeting, review strategies on how to sell to different customer types so that your team is prepared and can tailor their selling approach as needed.
  • INVENTORY – Pair up aged inventory with complementary pieces and repackage as a collection and/or special buy. FYI – remember to include these in your digital marketing, i.e. email blasts & social media.


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