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2017 Holiday Tips – Part 4 of 8

  • OBJECTIVES & PLANS – Review what’s working and what isn’t?  If you’re ahead, adjust your goal.  If you’re behind, adjust your strategy.
  • SALES – Break December’s goal into a daily goal.
    • Share individual goals with each salesperson one-on-one.
    • Utilize Edge Pulse to track your sales, hourly, daily and month to date!
      • FYI – Salespeople can track their individual sales through The Edge Pulse dashboard as well.
  • INVENTORY – Don’t match online pricing; a sure-fire way to kill your profits.
    • Instead, consider adding freebies, promotional products, warranties, free sizing, etc., that add value.
      • FYI – remember, customers don’t get the service and human touch online that they get in a brick & mortar store.
  • STORE – Be fully prepared.
    • Make sure appropriate areas are fully stocked.
    • Your store should be clean, attractive, brightly lit & smelling good.
    • Add Holiday sounds and decorations!

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