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Holiday Tips – 4 Weeks To Go

  • INVENTORY – Replenish your fast selling product daily. The average fast seller turns 5 times a year. Remerchandise your cases by featuring the most desired pieces in prominent positions and group collections together to provide customer solutions.
  • SALES – Continue to have weekly meetings and daily huddles with your team!  Share month to date figures! Celebrate wins and high five team members who have excelled in average retail sale, most add-ons, lowest discounting, etc. Communication is key during this busy season; set your tone by staying positive and focused. FYI – praise in public, discipline in private.
  • MARKETING – If you have a Facebook page, consider a Facebook sponsored story ad since they receive 52% more clicks than the standard Facebook ads. FYI – 80% of consumers state they’re more likely to try new things because of a suggestion from a friend through social media.

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