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2017 Holiday Tips – Part 6 of 8

  • OBJECTIVES & PLAN OF ACTION – Are you on track or off track.  Become inquisitive – what’s working and why.  What isn’t and what are you going to change.
  • STORE – Make sure store is free of clutter and fully stocked every morning.
  • SALES – Focus on upselling and add-ons with your staff.
    • Never pull out more than 3 items.
    • Make sure staff is asking open-ended questions.
    • Suggest complementary pieces.
    • Ask your customer who else is on their gift-giving list.
      • FYI – you’re offering great service by helping your customers shop in one place.
  • MARKETING – Edge users – review your “Why In” report frequently to track your marketing. 
    • This allows you to identify what marketing is effectively driving in customers.
    • And may uncover advertising that isn’t working allowing you to tweak your marketing as necessary.

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