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2017 Holiday Tips – Part 7 of 8

  • OBJECTIVES & PLAN OF ACTION – Never lose sight of the prize and ask yourself often – “Is what I’m doing now directly helping me achieve my goals?” If not, stop doing it.
  • MARKETING – Recognize your faithful customers by sending out small holiday gifts to them.
    • Keep a supply on hand in your store to give away to your regular customers.
      • FYI People often want to reciprocate so this can lead to more sales.
  • SALES – At your team meeting, review your turnover strategies and role-play to make the most of every opportunity. 
    • EVERY person that walks into your store is a possible sale!
    • Ask ALL repair customers about their holiday shopping and who is on their gift list.
  • INVENTORY –Make sure you’ve remerchandised to fill any holes and to refresh your cases.
    • Replenish fast sellers daily!

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