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Holiday Tips #1 of 3

  • INCREASE SALES – Print lists of all your wish list items and start contacting customers to see if you can create some holiday sales. Clean up the wish lists as you call, so you will know the wishes are still valid, as you will want to use them later.   Also create new wish lists as you wait on clients throughout the Holiday Season.
  • SALES TEAM – Review product knowledge and product collection details. Ensure your sales team is well versed on the features and benefits. At your team meeting, review strategies on how to sell to different customer types so that your team is prepared and can tailor their selling approach as needed. Don’t forget to review your selling system basics and ensure that each client leaves with an irresistibly different experience.
  • STAFF – Set up a login on Edge Pulse (edgepulse.biz) for each of your salespeople so they will have 24/7 access to the Edge Retail Academy webinars. Review the most pertinent ones in your weekly store meetings to help the staff keep their sales skills sharp. They can also easily keep track of their sales goals and progress throughout the Holiday Season.
  • INVENTORY – Use the levels report to make sure you have all your best selling items and sufficient stock of the ones you expect to sell multiple times during the Holidays…pay special attention to the items you plan to advertise. Pair up aged inventory with complementary pieces and repackage as a collection and/or special buy. Tip: remember to include these in your digital marketing, i.e. eblasts & social media.
  • SUPPLIES – Make sure you are well stocked with boxes, wrap, ribbons, bows, bags, sales receipts and other supplies you will need through the season. Tip: Try offering to email a receipt to customers, allowing you to capture their emails, while being environmentally friendly.
  • MARKETING – By now, your marketing should be in place and your calendar populated with key dates & events. Plan your direct mail pieces to arrive at least 7-9 days prior to your event (Marketers find the end of the week to be the most effective time for arrival). Schedule your social media posts and email blasts, (Tuesday afternoons have the best open rate for emails), in advance to save you time.
  • EVENTS – Make a list of “must do” items for your holiday events and assign them to your team members. Don’t forget the phone call, email and text messaging campaigns.
  • MANAGEMENT – Create your schedule through the Holiday Season in advance, to assess payroll demands. Increase your staff level to allow for crunch times and to accommodate lunches/breaks. Tip: order lunch for your team, on your busiest days, as a morale booster.

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