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Holiday Incentive Ideas

by Darci Aselage

With the busiest selling days just ahead, it is nice to put together some incentive ideas for your staff, to motivate them to work their hardest and be rewarded! Don’t forget, some training on boosting their average sale and other basics is a good reminder this time of year and ensures your staff has the knowledge they need to exceed.

Grand Prize:

Sales associate with the highest Gross Profit Dollars for the six-week period receives dinner for 2 at the location of their choice, including 2 paid days off.

Week One: Salesperson with the highest sales – $100 Visa GC

Week Two: Salesperson with the highest loose diamond sale – $100 Visa GC

Week Three: Salesperson with the highest total aged inventory sales (12 months and older) – $100 Visa GC

Week Four: Salesperson with the highest (pick a vendor) sale – $100 Visa GC

Week Five: Salesperson with the highest Engagement Ring sale – $100 Visa GC

Week Six: Salesperson with the highest (pick a vendor or category) sales – $100 Visa GC

Days of the Week:

  • Monday: Highest Average Sale- $10 Starbucks GC
  • Tuesday: Highest GP% on one item – $10 Carwash GC
  • Wednesday: Highest single sale – $10 iTunes GC
  • Thursday: Highest # of items on a receipt – $10 Target GC
  • Friday: Highest Repair/Custom sale – $10 Restaurant GC
  • Saturday: Highest $$ sales receipt – $10 Gas GC
  • Sunday: Highest # of wish list items sold – $10 Grocery Store GC

*Office staff can be paired up with a sales associate and get the same incentive for the Daily Goals, and ½ of the Weekly Goals.

Enjoy the upcoming fast-paced selling season and ensure your staff is rewarded for the extra hours and effort!

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