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We are well into our Feature Spotlight Email series and by now you have learned and are hopefully utilizing the great features that Edge Pulse has to offer.

This week we’re going to spotlight capturing emails.  Getting emails from our customers can be a challenge for some of us but having a customer database without emails limits the kind of communication we can have with our clients.

Email marketing facts:

  • Research shows you get the best ROI on email advertising
  • Emails now trumps print, radio & direct mail, and is closing in on TV
  • Emailing customer through The Edge is FREE!

Some email strategies are available to you directly in your Edge system.  For example, did you know that you can set up your email to not only market to your customers directly, based on their personal shopping history, but you can also set up an automatic email to be sent when a job or appraisal is marked as “done” and when a special order is marked as “received”?  No more spending hours on the “call box”!  An automatic email can also be sent to the intended recipient and/or purchaser when a Wish List item is saved!  What better way to let him know exactly what she wants for Christmas!  You can even “go green” and email (instead of printing) receipts.

Getting a customer’s email is a lot easier when they know exactly what you’re using it for.  “We’ll email you when your repair is complete.  Which email address would you like us to keep on file?” or “Would you like me to email you a copy of your receipt?” or “Can I email you or your husband a copy of your wish list?”

Is getting emails a matter of motivating your associates?  We have to lead from the top down.  If your staff knows you’re not getting email addresses, they will be less likely to ask as well.  Next, make it a game or provide an incentive to the person who gets the most emails in a 4-week period.  Edge Pulse will show you who is getting emails and who is not!

In the Performance – Sales Associate feature in Edge Pulse you can look at an individual associate’s performance, not just with their sales figures, but using the Other Details KPI, you can see how well each associate is collecting important customer information, including emails.  Give that number a click and you can see each customer an email was entered for.
Communication with our customers is always important but meaningful communication is key and using Edge and Edge Pulse can help you get there!

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