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How to Keep Your Designer Lines Alive

By Edge Retail Academy

Omaha, NE–One of the key reasons consumers purchase designer product is because they feel that they share an aesthetic with the designer. In other words, they fall in love with a line or product.

For instance, consider the women’s shoe designer Christian Louboutin, with his famous red soles, or even a mainstream upscale brand like Via Spiga. The likelihood is very high that customers who like those brands will find shoes they want each season, and it keeps them coming back again and again. They’re also willing to pay more knowing they can save time (a precious commodity for most of us), combined with the fact that the brands have proven themselves a quality product that will last and a style and fit that makes the wearer feel great.

This is a powerful dynamic which can also apply to your store as the brand. Repeat clients are the foundation of your business.






Christian Louboutin’s famous red-soled shoes.

This connection can be even stronger if your clients are introduced (this can take many forms) to the designer or creative force behind a brand. The more vividly we paint the picture, the more our clients feel as if they know the person–and of course, if you can create a special event for them to meet the designer in person, so much the better!

Shopping is still one of the top forms of recreation. And, we like to talk about our purchases, especially if there is an interesting story to tell. Oftentimes retailers know quite a bit about our lines – the country it was manufactured in, the specific manufacturing techniques, the design inspiration, the unique materials or gemstones. But, we fail to effectively communicate this to our clients.

Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t just rely on marketing materials given to you by the designer, call them up and see what other information you can glean.
  • Have a framed image of the designer beside the brand with a short bio/design philosophy
  • Put together a features/benefits, design inspiration, designer bio and facts sheet for each sales associate
  • Role play several sales presentations in a team meeting until every associate is well versed in the line
  • When marketing the brand, do not forget to include the aspects that differentiate the brand, not just the product
  • Have “Meet the Designer” events in your store – always have a breakfast training for your staff with the designer prior to the event

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Reprinted from The Centurian.

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