Midwest Jewelers Conference

Join the Edge Retail Academy and David Brown at the Midwest Jewelers Conference for the following presentations. 

‘Exit Strategies that Work’

By David Brown
April 2nd – 8am-9:30am

When is the best time for you to develop your exit strategy? Right now!  Whether you’re 29 or 59, it’s vital that you know what your “End Game” options are and you have a workable plan in place to achieve it.  

Some questions for you to consider – If the next 20 years go as fast as the last 20 years, how is your retirement nest egg and lifestyle looking?  If you have 3 children and only 1 of them is interested in the business, how do you equitably deal with the other two? How prepared are you if something unexpected happened and you were no longer able to run the business?  What does a transition from one generation of ownership to the next look like?  How much is business worth?

During this session, David will answer these questions and explain the 3 Exit options available to business owners together with the 8 Step Process required to transition your skills and responsibilities and ensure yours is a successful and stress free retirement.  


‘Intergenerational Succession Planning’

By David Brown
April 2nd – 2pm-3:30pm 

Following on from the ‘Exit Strategies that Work’ presentation, this session is for business owners considering either leaving or selling the business to the next generation of family members. 

“Families are about caring and businesses are about money – making family business an unlikely formula for a successful partnership, which makes parallel planning, the key to family harmony and business success.”

In this session, David will explain the most critical issues facing business-owning families including three proven tools for improving family function and business performance.  Too much emphasis continues to be given to the technical components of succession with far too little attention being paid to family matters.  

Learn the key to a successful succession plan including grooming successors to succeed; the guiding principles; the Family Business rules; the Shareholders Agreement and more.


‘Leadership & Self Management – Setting Yourself up to Succeed’

By David Brown
April 3rd – 9:30am-11:00am

Do you ever feel that sometimes you just need to get out of your own way? In this presentation, you will learn the skills and disciplines necessary to move from ‘Crisis Management’ to ‘Inspired Leadership’ and in doing so, create a business model that works whether you’re there or not.  

Owning a growing business that operates in 3 countries, 11 locations and 6 time zones has taught David a few things about how to run a business that works for you rather than the other way around.  You will learn how to achieve business and personal balance including ‘How to manage for Results’ and the ‘9 Leadership Skills’ essential for sustainable, business success.