Advantage Fast Sellers (AdvantEDGE)

Have a Competitive AdvantEDGE

Without inside information about the industry, it can be difficult to decide what products will grow your business, and which ones will hold you back. For Edge Retail Academy members, there’s AdvantEDGE—exclusive online access to timely, critical information about fast-selling products being sold by other Academy members in each category and by individual vendors. Know what’s selling—before you buy.

“When I first heard about the Edge Retail Academy, I was interested, but didn’t join. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had. The AdvantEDGE tool makes looking for new fast sellers a snap. Before a potential new supplier comes in, you can run a report of what others in the Edge Retail Academy are selling, how many sold, how many stores carry it, what months it sold—even the item number and average sale price. What did we do without this powerful tool?”

Peter D. Indorf
Peter Indorf, Inc., New Haven & Madison, Connecticut

Trend Up

Thanks to our constant contact with hundreds of retail jewelers and the personal expertise of our mentors, the Edge Retail Academy is in a unique position to provide you with up-to-date information about market trends—practically while they’re happening; information you can use to better understand your own operation and translate that knowledge into an improved bottom line.

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