Financial Mentoring

The Edge Retail Academy provides jewelry stores with an overall financial assessment.  This process includes evaluating your business from multiple angles to determine whether your business is stable and profitable. When evaluating your company, The Edge Retail Academy will often focus on the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. In addition, one key area of financial analysis involves extrapolating the company’s past performance into an estimate of the company’s future performance with a Budget Analysis.  Then, a Break-Even and Operating Expense Analysis will be performed and utilized to calculate ratios to benchmark with Industry standards.

List of Services included in Financial Mentoring:

·         Income Statement and Balance Sheet review and education

·         Benchmarking of financial ratios

·         Cash Flow Analysis

·         Open to Pay

·         Budget Analysis – Sales Plan

·         Operating Expense Analysis

·         Break-Even Assessment

·         Open To Buy

·         Sales Goals for Staff

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