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Top Vendors & Top Categories

This week we’re shining our spotlight on your Top Vendors & Top Categories. Not just yours mind you, but Edge Pulse provides you with top performers from close to 700 clients! Last week we spotlighted the Benchmarking reports in Edge Pulse and demonstrated their over-all applications. Now it’s time to dig deeper!

There are multiple ways to track Top Vendors & Top Categories in Edge Pulse:

  • Dashboard Sales Analysis – here you can see your store’s Top 5 Vendors & Top 5 Categories by Day/Month/28 Days.

Want to “dig deeper”? Click on the pie charts to see the details of each sale including Gross Profit $, Mark Up % and Gross Profit %. Do you see a trend month after month? Are you running your Rapid Re-Order report in Edge to make sure that these top performers aren’t getting missed? Re-ordering fast selling inventory is an important key to success, especially during this busy holiday season!

Can’t see Gross Profit on your chart? Use the scroll bar at the bottom of your screen to scroll to the far right of your drill down.

  • KPI Report – this incredible report is delivered to your email and within the Edge Pulse Articles Tab monthly. The last 4 pages of the report give you the “best of the best” … Top Products and Top Vendors monthly and for a rolling 12-month period. How does your Top Vendor and Top Category performance compare to that of almost 700 stores?

Want to dig deeper? You can use your Edge “Performance by” reports to see how Top Vendors & Categories are performing based on the percentage of your sales, price point & age.

  • Superstore & Market Trends Benchmarking Report – incredible performance data right at your fingertips!

Superstore & Market Trends are both trending reports with Superstore providing data for a rolling 12 months and Market Trends for a rolling 21 days. Why the difference? Knowing how a Vendor or Category has performed over a 12-month period makes it easy to see the overall performance while the rolling 21 days demonstrates just how that Vendor or Category is doing this time of the year. Both reports allow you to compare your store to that of almost 700 other stores.

Want to dig deeper? Do you see a Vendor or Category that seems to be doing well overall? Go back to the AdvantEdge report to see what items are selling quickly. Is that Vendor doing well in a certain Category or is a certain Category being lifted by a particular Vendor?  Does a new design seem to be appearing that others are doing well with?

Knowing your Top Vendors & your Top Categories is an important piece of your business puzzle. With Edge Pulse, you will always have this valuable information at your fingertips.

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