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Sales Associate Coaching Feature

Edge Pulse holiday-weekly-email-2This week we are spotlighting the Edge Pulse Sales Associate Coaching feature. While this feature may look overwhelming there are some keys to making it quick & simple to use.

  • Rather than try to set goals and do coaching sessions in each KPI (Key Performance Indicator), choose individual areas that can make the most return for your efforts. We call these Mini Coaching sessions and these can be done weekly to really track the progress being made by your associates.
  • Your weekly team meetings can incorporate the fun facts you get looking at the Other Details KPI in Sales Associate Coaching. Are you getting emails? Birthdays? Anniversaries? What’s working & what isn’t?
  • Also in the Other Details KPI you can quickly see how many Wish Lists are being created. It’s that time of year where Wish Lists become very important. How well are you taking advantage of the time you have with your customers NOW so you know exactly what they want for the Holidays?

Edge Pulse-holiday-weekly-email-2-2You can then use The Edge Wish List report criteria to send postcards, letters and emails to your customers, reminding them of the items they really want or you can even tell their spouses, family and/or friends FOR THEM!

The Edge Pulse Sales Associate Coaching feature is incredibly powerful all year long to help you set goals and track numbers, but this time of the year it can be game changing!

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