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Edge Pulse -holiday-weekly-email-1Are you using the features on the Edge Pulse Dashboard, to help you succeed in the 4th Quarter? While the Dashboard seems pretty straight forward, were you aware of the hidden treasures that the FULL version of Edge Pulse offers?

  • You can change the date to show any day and month, allowing you to project sales in important KPI’s like % of sales from Services & Special Orders. This is great for the upcoming Holiday season!
  • You can use the date change to also look at the best performing vendors & categories to make sure you’re stocking what has sold historically. Don’t know what those items are? Look no further than the AdvantEdge Benchmarking report and the Edge Rapid Reorder Report!
  • The Day & Month Graph can be changed to show you Volume, Qty Sold, Gross Profit & Avg Sale, which will compare this year to last year – use that little arrow below each graph!
  • You can click on the numbers, graphs, gauges and pie charts to get drill downs that can be sorted & grouped
  • The red budget line or goal line is a great way to get your associates involved in making your daily & monthly goals…hopefully you can say “Great Job everyone … Pizza party for the staff!”

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