Edge Pulse Light

Here’s what you can expect from your FREE Edge Pulse Lite access:

 A Coffee Catalyst Trading Summary emailed to you at the end of every day for your convenience.

 A Threshold Receipt Notification: you will be notified whenever someone makes a sale over, say $1500. You can set your own threshold. Wherever you are, an alert will be sent to you which you can receive on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

A Dashboard showing how your store is performing in real time today and for the month, compared to last year – anyplace, anytime on any device.

Market Trend Analysis from more than 500 stores and $1 billion in retail sales.  Learn which categories, vendors and even individual items are on the way up and on the way out.

See how your peers are performing at Key Performance Indicator (KPI) levels.  For example, see what others are achieving in terms of their margins, stock-turns, sales volume, gross profit dollars, services and much more.

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