Business Development

A Plan Tailored to Your Needs

At The Edge Retail Academy we address your most pressing needs by first identifying specific objectives you want to achieve and listing those areas of your business you would like to improve. Then we create a customized plan of strategies to ensure success; actions that are realistic and within your ability to execute. We want you to start seeing results sooner rather than later—and we’ll pour all our know-how and energy into making that happen.

Dollars and Sense Financial Management

Smart finance management is at the core of any business’s success. Your Edge Retail Academy mentor will help you devise a strategy for your business that reduces debt, increases cash flow, maximizes gross profit, and controls expenses.

Taking Stock Inventory Management

Want to reduce aged inventory? Increase turns? Boost margins? Our experts in inventory management will show you how to meet those needs, plus create an optimal mix of products that truly sell. An open-to-buy strategy will also ensure you have the correct levels: never too little, never too much.

The Power of People
Staff Management

The wrong hire can change the whole dynamic of a store. So can a star performer. Edge Retail Academy mentors can provide tips for recruiting, hiring, profiling, and training the right people. Plus, offer advice about compensation, incentives, team meetings and more. You’ll also have access to the ProScan® Personal Development Survey developed by Personal DynaMetric Programs (PDP), a unique personality-profiling tool that helps identify the right people for the right job to produce the right results.


Plan to Succeed Business Growth Strategies

Growth doesn’t just happen. It has to be nurtured, planned for. Your Edge Retail Academy mentor will help you refine your budget, develop a sales plan, establish a strategic planning review, understand your Key Performance Indicators, reduce discounting, create a point of difference between you and your competition, and capture valuable customers for life.

Do More with Less Stress Leadership & Self Management

Superior leaders learn to manage themselves first—their time, their emotions, their needs for personal and professional development. Edge Retail Academy mentors address these issues, including time management, and striking a proper balance between work and life.

The Competitive Edge The Edge Tools & Reports

If you use The Edge, you’ve found the software to be overwhelmingly effective for purchasing, inventory and sales management. But that’s just the start. It can do much more than most users know. As Edge partners, we know the software inside and out. Our mentors help you understand and utilize all of The Edge tools to ensure your business grows.

177786097Exit in Comfort Retirement/Succession Planning

You do not have to stay on the treadmill forever. Whether you’ve penciled in a retirement date a few years from now or decades, an Edge Retail Academy mentor can coach you in the best ways to sell your business, exit without exiting, or establish a succession/generational plan. Learn how to manage your finances, inventory and staff today, so you can leave the rat race in comfort one day. To learn more about succession planning, click here.

Attract Valuable Customers Marketing


Our roster of business mentors includes experts in retail jeweler marketing. They can give you advice on a huge range of issues, including how to implement clienteling, the best ways to establish customer relationships using social media, choosing and launching effective special events—and much more.

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“What I love about The Edge Retail Academy:

I love that they understand my business and know how to help me. I have hired coaches that are supposed to know how to run a business but lets face it. Jewelry is different. I love that there is a team that works together with their own strengths and if one member does not know the answer to my problem someone on the team will and I get the help I need. I love that there are pretty graphs and reports that are mine. They pertain to my store with my data and its real information that they pull out of my system. I love that they love what they do. They are all really excited to see my business grow and help me to achieve my goals. I love that they are there with me side-by-side and keeping me accountable, giving me homework to do and a reasonable time-frame to do it. I love the communication I have will all of the team members of ERA. Every single one makes me smile.

Cindi Haddad-Drew
Cindi’s Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, Foxborough, MA