Aged Inventory Clearance Program

Inventory isn’t like wine. It doesn’t improve with age.

Aged Inventory is an industry-wide plague that depletes your cash flow and your ability to buy product that your customers want.  It takes a calculated approach to turn these aging dollars into cash that can be reinvested into new lines, store renovation or new marketing programs.

Aged inventory prevents you from being competitive in your marketplace and adapting to the changing trends in the jewelry marketplace.  Simply stated: Aged Inventory reduces your chance for Sales & Profit growth. The Edge Retail Academy can help you drastically reduce your aged inventory which will allow you to free up cash that could be used for better things, like store improvement, marketing or buying the new lines that customers actually want.

With help from the Edge Retail Academy mentors, you can manage aging inventory through the Aged Inventory Clearance Program.

This program will help you reduce your aged inventory through:

  • Product selection
  • Re-pricing
  • Store setup
  • Event planning
  • Marketing
  • Point-of-sale Materials

Our mentors can provide you with detailed and customized strategies for clearing out your aged inventory as well as offer complete on-site setup and assistance, so you can clear out your inventory in record time.