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Testimonials & Success Stories

Stew Brandt, H Brandt Jewelers, Natick, MA
“In December of 2006 I sat down with David Brown to discuss the possibility of closing my business. He requested that I give him 18 months to see if he could help me turn things around using the formula that Edge Academy has developed. So I jumped in full force and slowly but steadily with the help of the Edge experts we are now completely out of Debt, Inventory is under control and I have money in the bank and I owe it all to the Edge Retail Academy.”

Charlene Robuck, Robuck Jewelers, Topeka, KS
“I firmly believe the Academy is the single best decision we have made with regard to managing our business. Before ERA, analyzing our business operation tended to take a back seat to the pressing day-by-day activities and we were making uninformed, often poor decisions. Not only is the service excellent, but also the people we work with are definitely experts in their field, and since we have all this valuable data, we feel confident that we truly know what our business is and what we are doing.”

Wayne Britt, Britt’s Jewelry Cleveland, MS
“Years ago cash flow was Ok; business was Ok, but not great. We never made real money, and I worked seven days a week. A little more than a year after joining the Academy we have a faster turning “lean and mean inventory, and no vendor debt. With the help of the Academy we are growing in sales and profit dollars every year.”

Lyn Hoppe, R. Hoppe Jewelers
“When I was first approached about the Edge Academy, my initial response was I probably was not interested. What was I thinking???? I could not have been more excited about participating in the program. I now have the tools to actually be a "good" buyer instead of just flying by the seat of my pants. In short, I now know that I cannot afford NOT to participate in the Edge Retailer Academy. My only concern is the competition will find out how good this is and participate too.”

Mark Loren, President, Mark Loren Designs, Inc. Fort Myers, Florida
“ We attended our first EDGE Academy Retail Seminar in Orlando and I became 10 times more financially aware of what my jewelry business was doing and where I wanted it to go. Having won numerous National and International Jewelry design awards and with a staff of ten very creative and smart individuals, we were at a loss on how to plan our inventory to improve our stock-turn and margins as well as free-up more cash flow. David and the rest of the staff at ERA are assisting me to understand the importance of GMROI and other key performance indicators so I can have my business continue to grow, even in an uncertain environment. We will continue our relationship with the Academy!”

Brenda Newman, The Jewelry Source, Segundo, CA
“With the Edge Academy, I have learnt what the end of the month numbers really mean and how to capitalize on that information. I now understand how to fine tune inventory.
Joe Bonafine, Bonafine Jewelers Inc, Lexington, MA
“I have been with the Edge POS and Edge Retail Academy since its inception. Their reports have made me more aware of what is going on, Verses what I think is going on. It has helped me make smarter decisions every day.”

Bill Craig, Craig’s Fine Jewelry, Ridgefield, CT
After reflecting on our situation – sales off 33%, P&L and balance sheets way off – I knew we needed a new approach. We needed to understand our business and how it is run. In my 35 years of being a guild type jeweler I can say that David is one of the most captivating speakers/motivators I have had the pleasure of learning from. We implemented a few of the ideas that ERA provided us and April sales were up 330%, we have $$$ in the bank and our vendors are all paid. For the first time I feel like I am no longer running my business by the seat of my pants. What I like most about ERA is that all of the Academy trainers are successful jewelry store owners themselves and that the team is available at any reasonable time. I highly recommend the Edge Retail Academy Seminars and their monthly services.

Bill Simons, George Simons & Sons
“Special thanks to Lynn at the Edge Retail Academy. One 10 minute phone call saved me nearly $16,000 in income taxes for 2008. This is the power of The Edge and Edge Retail Academy!

Peter D. Indorf, President/CEO Peter Indorf, Inc.
“Last year, I first heard about the Edge Retail Academy (ERA) and I was interested, but didn't join then. Knowing what I know now, I wish I did. ERA and AdvantEdge makes looking for new fast sellers a snap. They have a genuine warmth, caring and personal responsibility to help me turn my shambles of a business into a profitable success. I've been a jeweler for 37 years running things by the seat of my pants and now I feel that I am a business owner who is in the jewelry business. I highly recommend the ERA seminars and their monthly services. I simply don't know what I would do without their help. Thank you.

Adam Tuohy, J.M. Leech Jewelers
"… the answer was surprisingly simple … David Brown has helped me to achieve my goals much faster than I expected!!! The goals and plans I had set for myself seven months ago that I had expected to achieve in 18 months time, I am doing now!! I have made increases on my increases and the potential for my business is still far from being reached. You have so much to gain by listening to David … you will be amazed at how much he can help you make more money!!!


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